Watching gameplay in a Live playtest

Everything you need to know about watching a player interact with your game in a Live playtest

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For a comprehensive guide on ordering and managing live playtests, please refer to our detailed guide, Player Interviews & Live Playtests 101. Now, let's delve into the specifics of how you can watch gameplay during a live playtest.

Supported game build types and touch indicators

Here is a list of builds that you use in a live playtest along with where touch indicators are available:

Builds you can use in a live playtest

Touch indicators

Browser based games (iOS & Android)

✅ Available

Prototyping tools (iOS & Android)
Example: Figma, Adobe XD, Protopie

✅ Available

iOS TestFlight builds

❌ Not Available

iOS TestFlight builds with PlaytestCloud's iOS SDK integrated

✅ Available

iOS Games from the App Store

❌ Not Available

Android Games from the PlayStore

❌ Not Available

Android APK builds

✅ Available

Asking the player to start playing

Once the player has joined the live playtest, you can ask them to start screen sharing to observe their gameplay. You can also ask them to share their device audio along with their screen.
This is what the screen looks like for the player when they start sharing their screen:

  1. Start/Stop Screen Sharing for Players: The button highlighted in the image, similar to the one in the interviewer's interface, is how the player can start/stop screen sharing. You will be able to see their entire screen when this option is enabled.

  2. Share device audio: Ask the player to enable this option if hearing the in-game audio is important for your live playtest.

  3. Switch to game: This button is only shown for live playtests where you shared a game while setting up the playtest. Clicking on this automatically redirects the player to your game.

  4. Game/Interview Volume Sliders: These sliders control what the player hears while they are screen sharing. If the game volume is too loud for the player to hear you, you can ask them to adjust the volumes from this screen. This is especially useful if the game doesn't have built-in volume control.

Analyzing your live playtest recordings

All live playtests are automatically recorded and made available for analysis after each session is done. The system takes a few minutes to process the video, and once it is ready, you can access it from the playtest overview page.

You get access to all of PlaytestCloud's analysis tools on the video page. We automatically generate a transcript for the recording; you can add annotations with hashtags and create clips and reels.

Want to know more?

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