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Playtesting an early prototype of your game
Playtesting an early prototype of your game
It's never too early to get feedback on your prototype.
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It's never too early to get feedback on your prototype, and PlaytestCloud offers multiple ways to get the feedback you need to help improve your game.

Prototyping tools

We support prototyping tools such as, InVision, Principle, Adobe XD, Figma, and Marvel. With any of these prototyping apps you can build interactive prototypes for iOS and Android – and then get feedback on your prototypes in the same way you do when playtesting games or concept tests with us. 

You'll get the same think-aloud style video of players interacting with your prototype, showing you their screen touches and providing you with their thoughts and opinions.

Supported Prototyping tools

Prototyping tool

iOS Test

Android Test

(Don't see your favorite prototyping product listed? Ask us and we will see if we can support it)

Concept tests are a good option if you don’t have a full prototype to playtest but still want to get some feedback. Concept tests allow you to upload slides, photos, video, music, descriptions – and get real players opinions to help you make important decisions early on in the development process.

They’re especially ideal if you have some artwork you’d like to get an opinion on in a hassle-free way. Ten survey questions are included with each concept test

Consider a short playtest of 5+ minutes if you only want to test a small portion of your game, as shorter length playtests are ideal for games where you only have a small playable portion. 

To get started, all you need is an APK or ABB of your game and enough gameplay for a playtester to play for 5+ minutes. Even these short lengths of time can provide invaluable insights on the direction of your game mechanics, characters, or story elements.

The 5+ minute single-session playtests are available to order in the playtest order form along with 10+ minute and 15+ minute playtests.

Next steps

Questions? Reach out to us by opening the chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen.

Happy playtesting!

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