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How to set up a prototype playtest using Figma

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Among many prototyping platforms on the market, you can find Figma - a real time collaboration tool which focuses on design for user experience and user interface.

If you’re an active Figma user you can easily test your prototype with PlaytestCloud, and in this article we will show you how to do it.

Step 1. Choose your preferences

Figma allows you to collaborate on your prototype in many different ways, but not always all these functionalities are useful during testing. In order to make sure that your playtest will be efficient, you may consider disabling some of the options.

Hotspot hints

Hotspot hints it’s a feature which allows you to show the users where they should click to go to the next view. If you want them to have it easy, leave it on, but if you want to see a natural flow it’s better to have it disabled. Our recording technology will show you where the users touched the screen, so you can check if your flow is understandable and clear. This option is visible in preview mode.

Comment mode

Comment mode may be useful to your team while collaborating on the prototype, but it will probably confuse testers if left on. They won’t know if it’s part of the prototype and may spend a while trying to check what exactly it is for. Once you will disable this view, you can avoid testers confusion. This option is also visible when you will launch a preview mode.

Playtesting with prototyping platforms like Figma is extremely easy because the only thing you need to deliver your draft to the players is a link.

You can acquire it by clicking on “Share” in the right-hand corner and later choosing “Copy link”.

Make sure to leave the link set up as “can view”.

Step 3. Set up a playtest

Once you have your Figma prototype set up as desired and the link is ready, you can order a playtest on our website.

You can set it up with any parameters you like and then insert a link you’ve got from Figma.

Add it here:

and follow up with the rest of the playtest as usual. Your payment will be processed also as usual, and the same goes with receiving your videos. We will notify you via email and you will be able to analyze your results.

Next steps

If you need any help with other aspects of setting up your playtest check our Help Center. If you want to inquiry about specific requirements feel free to reach out to us at

Good luck with your playtest!

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