We've worked hard to make sure that game builds uploaded to PlaytestCloud "just work," and for the most part, you are on the safe side assuming that every Android or iOS app you drop into PlaytestCloud's upload form works on the player's devices just as expected.

However, there are some caveats that we want to tell you about. If you are not sure whether your game uses any of the platform features below, don't worry. Just upload your game, and we will get back to you if something did not work as expected.

As part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we won't charge you for playtests that didn't deliver valuable results for you.

iOS: App Store IPAs

App Store IPAs – for example, IPAs that have been copied and then pasted from an iPhone iTunes backup – cannot be uploaded to PlaytestCloud. The reason is that these apps are encrypted and bound to a single device and cannot be re-signed and distributed to our players' devices. If you try uploading a build in this way, you'll get an error message in the upload dialog.

iOS: Bitcode apps

Unfortunately, iOS apps that employ bitcode cannot be uploaded to PlaytestCloud. If you try uploading a build like this, you'll get an error message in the upload dialog.

iOS: In-app purchases

By default, in-app purchases do not work when a game is being tested on PlaytestCloud. We will make the game believe that the in-app purchases server is not available.

If your game can't handle this scenario, we can activate a different mode on your request: This second mode will spoof the communication with the in-app purchases server and make all in-app purchases appear as price tier 1, which is currently $0.99. In this mode, players will be able to perform any in-app purchases without being charged for it.

However, this spoofing method will not work if your game verifies the purchase by checking the receipt either client-side or server-side.

iOS: Game Center

When being tested on PlaytestCloud, your game will behave as if the user canceled the Game Center login and decided to play without Game Center.

Some games cannot handle this scenario, either because this code path is not yet implemented, or because they require logging in with Game Center. If this is the case, you can drop us a line in the "I have a special request" section at the bottom of the playtest order form. We can then try out another mode that makes your game believe the player is signed in via Game Center with a dummy account (such as PTC Player 123). However, this mode does not support all Game Center use-cases and might not work for all games.

iOS: HealthKit

By default, your game will not get any HealthKit notifications that it registers for. We are currently working on adding support for HealthKit and have a prototypical implementation that supports this feature. If you are interested in testing a game that uses HealthKit, please leave us a note in the "I have a special request" section at the bottom of the playtest order form.

iOS: Push notifications

As PlaytestCloud needs to change the App ID of the game to re-sign and distribute it to the players, they will not receive any push notifications that you send to them from your backend service.

iOS: Local notifications

Notifications triggered from within the app itself (local notifications) will work on PlaytestCloud, assuming the player has agreed to receive notifications from the app.

iOS: Haptic Feedback

By default haptic feedback will not be available. To enable haptic feedback we have to turn off audio recording. If you wish to test with haptic feedback please leave a note in the "I have a special request" section at the bottom of the playtest order form.

Haptic feedback is supported on Android.

iOS: App groups

Sharing data between multiple of your apps or games is unfortunately not possible. As PlaytestCloud needs to re-sign your app, it will also assign a different App ID that is not allowed to access the shared group data anymore.

If you have a scenario in which you want to test multiple games on PlaytestCloud, it might be possible for us to make sharing data between them possible. However, it is not possible to test one game on PlaytestCloud that needs to share data with another game or app that was not installed on the player's device through PlaytestCloud.

iOS: iMessage apps

Unfortunately we don't support testing iMessage apps and games on PlaytestCloud right now.

iOS: Apple Watch apps

Unfortunately it is not yet possible to test Apple Watch apps and games on PlaytestCloud.

Android: Build signature check

If your game checks whether it has been manipulated by requesting its package signature from the Android Package Manager, this should not be a problem. We implemented a mechanism to spoof this signature and make your game believe it has not been modified, even though it was modified to add our screen recording software.

Android: AAB Files

AAB files can be run on PlaytestCloud. However, we only support an extracted universal version of the AAB file. If you do not have a universal APK version in your Android App Bundle, we would ask that your development team re-export your build as an APK. In order to ensure an optimal playtest environment.  

Android: Screen Recordings

Android apps that incorporate screen recordings into the game currently do not work with PlaytestCloud. These apps interfere with our screen recording wrapper and cause a failure with the PlaytestCloud system. Therefore we do not support apps that record the screen at this time.

Android: Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps don't work yet with PlaytestCloud. We are interested in supporting these, but there is no definite product roadmap for this.

iOS & Android: Geoblocking

Some soft-launch builds employ geoblocking to ensure they can only be played in certain regions. By default, we'll distribute your build to players in the USA, Canada, and the UK, so your game needs to work in all of these countries.

Otherwise, it's not possible for us to run the test. Your game needs to be playable in all the countries you are targeting in the order form. For this, it does not matter whether the geoblocking is implemented by IP range or via GPS location.

iOS & Android: Voice communication or microphone use (limited support) 

If your game utilizes the microphone during gameplay, for example to offer voice communications between players or as part of the gameplay, these features will not function during the playtest.

PlaytestCloud requires access to the microphone itself to record the players spoken feedback as they play (the think-aloud recording), which will prevent your game from gaining access to the microphone. 

If you're planning to test the microphone enabled features we can run your playtest in a custom mode without our think-aloud recording, thereby restoring access to the microphone to your game. In this mode you will still be able to watch the player's gameplay and players will answer your survey questions after the gameplay, but no audio is being recorded.

iOS & Android: Hack/Cheat protection

If your game build has some form of hack protection, cheat protection or build integrity check, for instance, to make sure that players do not use a modified client to cheat in an online game, this might cause problems.

As the PlaytestCloud wrapper manipulates the game's binary, your chat/hack protection might be triggered. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems down the road in the game test, e.g., if your game does not tell players right away that they aren't allowed to play like this but if they get blacklisted/banned from the online servers because of playing with a hacked client.

iOS & Android: Facebook login

If your testing scenario requires people to sign in on Facebook or connect their in-game account to Facebook, this usually works without issue.

A typical use case for this is to transfer the game progress that players had in the released version of a game into an experimental build being tested through PlaytestCloud. However, as there are some situations and setups which can cause problems, it's usually best to reach out to us before ordering a playtest requiring this.

We will work with you and make sure that everything works as expected and you get the most out of your playtest.

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