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Which Subscription Plan Should I Choose?
Which Subscription Plan Should I Choose?

Quick guidance on choosing the best plan for your game studio.

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We offer plans for game studios of every shape and size and also have options if you only need a single playtest. That said, an iterative approach to playtesting is highly recommended.

We offer multiple plans for you to choose from. We recommend that you take at our pricing page for more details of what is offed within each plan.

The rule of thumb with our plans is that our Starter Plan is for our gaming studios of a smaller size, our Professional Plans are intended for a majority of gaming studios using our service, and the Enterprise Plan is designed with larger gaming studios in mind. But, this is more of a suggestion than a limitation. See which plan works for you and don’t stress you will always be able to upgrade or downgrade easily.

If you only need to run a single playtest, our Starter Plan is a good option. If you need features that are not included in our Starter Plan, contact us and we'll find the best option for running your playtest together with you.

We are always here to help you choose the right plan for your playtesting needs. We recommend taking a look at our blog series on this topic (Starter Plan, Professional Plan, Enterprise Plan), watch the video below, or feel free to set up a meeting with us to discuss your needs further. 

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