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Enabling Facebook Login for Android Games
Enabling Facebook Login for Android Games

Letting our players login to your game via Facebook is possible with an easy tweak to your settings.

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When your game offers Facebook Login it can be desirable to offer our players the ability to use this feature.

Unless your game requires the use of Facebook Login this is an optional step.

The steps outlined below are technical and require access to your Facebook Developer profile. Making changes to your Facebook Developer profile is something your engineering team can typically do.

Steps to enable Facebook Login on PlaytestCloud

As part of preparing your game for a playtest, we automatically re-sign your application with our own Android certificate. This changes the signing key hash of your app, requiring the new signing key hash to be added to the Android settings of your Facebook App ID.

Adding our Key Hash to your Facebook App ID will not interfere with the operations of your game.

To add our Key Hash:

  1. Select the App ID your game uses

  2. Go to Settings > Basic and find the Android section

  3. Leaving all existing Key Hashes in place, add our Key Hash to the list:
    IMPORTANT: Don't delete any existing Key Hashes from the list. These Key Hashes are crucial for your game to communicate with Facebook outside of a playtest.

If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

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