How to test App Store / Play Store pages

If you want to get player feedback on your App Store or Play Store pages, there are multiple options to set this up.

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If you want to test your App Store or Play Store page, depending on the type of feedback that you’re looking for, we recommend one of the following three approaches to set this up. All of them have worked well for gathering insights into the expectations and reactions the store pages created in the players.

1) Show screenshots of the Store page in a survey

If you want to get quantitative feedback from a lot of players on your survey, the best way is to run it as a survey. In this survey, you can embed screenshots of the Store page and ask questions about those. This is also the most cost-efficient option. To get a better idea on how to set up a survey on PlaytestCloud, please check out the survey order form.

2) Think-aloud test of a live Store page

If you want to have screen recordings and think-aloud feedback on your store page, you can order a new playtest and choose the "Mobile Browser Game" option, pointing players to the web address of your Store page. If you’re using a service like StoreMaven, you can also link the players to this page. Remember to pick the correct platform - iOS for App Store pages and Android for Play Store pages, so that you get players who are familiar with the respective stores:

3) Concept test with Store creative

Another way to set up Store page tests with think-aloud recording is to upload screenshots or mock-ups of the store page to a concept test. Players will then answer your questions about the store page verbally.

Combining Store page tests with playtests

It’s also possible to have players give feedback on the store page first and then do a playtest of the actual game - to learn how we can set this up for you, please contact us.

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