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Targeting Players by Gaming History

Learn how to target the right playtesters for your game by selecting specific games and game genres players like or are inexperienced with.

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Gaming History

When ordering a playtest, you have the option to target players based on their Gaming History. This means you can target players who either like or are inexperienced with specific games or genres. How does this work?

When players sign up to test with PlaytestCloud, they add both their current and all-time favorite games to their profiles. At regular intervals thereafter, we prompt players to update their profiles with their current gaming habits. This allows us to filter our database of players by the games and genres they report playing.

Players who like...

If you select ‘Players who like…’ on the order form, and then select one or multiple genres or specific games from the drop-down menus, we invite players to your playtest that have added at least one of the listed games, or at least one game in any of the requested genres, to their profiles.

We have 56 game genres to choose from, and we have also included a number of popular game titles. If a specific game you want to target isn’t listed, you can also create a custom audience request for players of that game (see Custom Targeting below).

Players inexperienced with...

When you select ‘Players inexperienced with…’ and choose one or multiple genres or games, we will only invite players that have not added any of the specified games, or any games in the selected genres, to their profiles.

While this system works great most of the time, there are instances where players' profiles might not perfectly reflect what they like to play or aren’t experienced with. This can result in a player being invited to your playtest that doesn't meet your ideal target audience. If this happens, you can use the report video feature on the player’s video page to let us know, and we will address the issue during normal business hours.

Custom Targeting

If you’d like to specify a more custom target audience than the order form allows, you can select ‘No, add custom target audience description’ and tell us the type of players you’re looking for. We will let you know if we can accommodate your request and if it will incur an additional charge. To learn how to get the most out of custom targeting with PlaytestCloud, check out this article about special audience targeting.

Targeting players by Gaming History can be a powerful tool for getting the right playtesters to test your game. Whether you’re simply looking for players of a certain game genre, or you need players at a specific level in a game, our playtesting service is dedicated to helping you find the right players for your needs.

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